Rajeev Malhotra, MD MS

Dr. Rajeev Malhotra graduated from Harvard College in chemistry and physics and obtained a masters degree in chemistry and chemical biology from the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.  He received his medical degree from the Health Sciences and Technologies Division of Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Malhotra completed residency in internal medicine and fellowship in general cardiology at the Massachusetts General Hospital.  He then completed a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Kenneth Bloch.

Atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease affect more than 40 million people in the United States and is the number one contributor to morbidity and mortality. Although treatments exist that target risk factors for cardiovascular disease (such as dyslipidemia or anti-hypertensives), there is currently no treatment to directly prevent or reverse vascular calcification. Dr. Malhotra's laboratory studies the molecular mechanisms by which calcification develops in the vessel wall. Specifically, he investigates bone morphogenetic protein signaling and its role in the development of systemic vascular disease in multiple models, including that of matrix gla protein deficiency and low-density lipoprotein receptor (LDLR) deficiency.  More recently, Dr. Malhotra's laboratory has been studying the overlapping molecular mechanisms of calcific vascular disease and dysregulated lipid metabolism. 

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Massachusetts General Hospital
55 Fruit Street, Thier 505
Boston, MA 02114

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