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Anthony Rosenzweig, MD

Anthony Rosenzweig, MD
Chief, Division of Cardiology

Corrigan Minehan Heart Center

Paul Dudley White Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Massachusetts General Hospital
GRB – 8
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114

Christine Plouffe
Project Coordinator, Cardiology

The Rosenzweig Lab is interested in understanding how exercise protects the heart against heart failure. A variety of high throughput profiling techniques are being used to identify pathways differentially regulated in heart growth associated with exercise in comparison to the heart growth that precedes heart failure. These screens have identified interrelated transcriptional (Cell, 2010) and microRNA pathways (Cell Metabolism, 2015), which appear to mediate many of the phenotypic effects of exercise in vivo. Collaborative studies with Rich Lee’s laboratory are investigating the role of exercise in enhancing the endogenous regenerative capacity of the adult mammalian heart. Anthony Rosenzweig is the Chief of Cardiology and Co-Director of the Corrigan-Minehan Heart Center at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), and the Paul Dudley White Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Previous leadership roles include having served as the Director of the Program in Cardiovascular Gene Therapy at MGH (1999-2006), an Associate Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine (2003-2013), and a Trustee of the Harvard Clinical Research Institute (2008-2015), an academic CRO, as well as the Director of Cardiovascular Research and Associate Chief of Cardiology at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (2006-2015). Rosenzweig serves as the Program Director for the MGH NIH cardiovascular T32 training grant and previously served on the Scientific Board of the Sarnoff Foundation, an organization devoted to mentoring young investigators.

Research Areas
Cardiac Physiology and Disease

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