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Gregory A. Wyant, PhD

Gregory Wyant, PhD

Instructor in Investigation
Massachusetts General Hospital

Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical Schooll

Massachusetts General Hospital
Cardiovascular Research Center
149 13th Street, 4.212
Charlestown, MA 02129


Dr. Wyant is a native of the Boston metro area, growing up in Chelmsford, MA, and completing his undergraduate training in Biochemistry at Northeastern University, where he received numerous accolades and scholarship awards. He pursued his PhD thesis at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Whitehead Institute. There he developed novel methods for studying organelle metabolism and its relation to the growth regulatory pathway mTORC1. His work was recognized at a national level with the Harold Weintraub Graduate Student Award. Following his PhD, he joined Dr. William Kaelin at Dana Farber Cancer Institute to pursue several questions related to oxygen sensing in the cardiovascular system to understand how the heart deals with the lack of oxygen, such as would occur in the setting of ischemia. During his fellowship he received several awards including the Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund Fellowship from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and a K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award from the NIH.

The scientific mission of the Wyant Lab is to understand the mechanism by which key physiological inputs, such as oxygen, nutrients, mechanical stretch, and electrical signals regulate cardiac and skeletal muscle function. The goal is to ultimately identify novel therapeutic strategies for muscle atrophy related diseases, such as heart failure, starvation, muscle denervation, and cachexia.

Research Areas
Cardiac Physiology and Disease
Development and Regeneration

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