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Antonia Kreso, MD, PhD

Antonia Kreso, MD, PhD

Assistant in Surgery
Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital
Department of Cardiac Surgery
55 Fruit Street, Cox 6
Boston, MA 02114

Dr. Kreso completed cardiothoracic surgery training at the MGH. Prior to medical training, Dr. Kreso obtained a PhD at the University of Toronto, where her academic focus was on uncovering stem cell dynamics to inspire new therapeutic avenues. She is a cardiac surgeon who performs the full spectrum of adult cardiac surgery, and she specializes in transplantation. Dr. Kreso devotes her academic time to advancing our knowledge of the biology of transplanted hearts.

Heart transplantation is the final therapeutic option for patients with end stage heart failure. However, thousands of patients remain on the waitlist for heart transplantation and of those that receive a heart, graft rejection remains a barrier to long-term survival. In the laboratory, Dr. Kreso’s team is utilizing her background in studying clonal dynamics to advance the field of heart transplantation. Using molecular profiling technologies, the goal of her research program is to define the extent and consequences of cellular diversity in transplanted hearts over time. Identifying the molecular interactions at the resolution of single cells will inform the mechanisms underlying cellular rejection and graft vasculopathy – unsolved problems in heart transplant biology.

Research Areas
Cardiac Physiology and Disease
Vascular Biology and Metabolism
Development and Regeneration

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